Mass incarceration
Incarcerated organizers complete eight weeks of Alabama prison shutdown

Prisoners in Alabama have been organizing for years against a prison system which upholds modern day slavery

Alabama prisoners organize against a system rigged to maintain a system of modern day slavery

Alabama prisoners lead struggle against “most violent and inhumane prison system in the country”

Bukele reelected in El Salvador amid a state of exception

The polarizing figure Nayib Bukele won the presidential elections with 85% of the votes, a historic margin of victory over the opposing candidates

Ruchell Magee wins his release after 67 years in shackles

At 83 years old, US political prisoner Ruchell “Cinque” Magee is to be released following a lifetime spent under the boot of oppression

NUMSA welcomes message of support from US political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal

The South African metalworkers’ union continues to urge US Judge Lucretia Clemmons to release Mumia Abu-Jamal who has been in prison for over four decades

US political prisoner Mutulu Shakur granted parole

After over 36 years in prison, movement elder, political prisoner, and revolutionary health worker Mutulu Shakur has been granted parole with less than six months to live

Slavery was on the ballot in the US midterms. Who voted to abolish it?

More than 150 years after slavery was outlawed in the US, the practice persists in the form of forced, unpaid prison labor. Five states had the opportunity to end this.

Biden’s marijuana pardon: What does it really mean?

No one will walk out of prison solely due to Biden’s pardon as marijuana possession is almost entirely prosecuted at the State level. It is unclear if State governors will follow in Biden’s footsteps

Alabama prisoners organize a system-wide shut down

On September 26 Alabama prison officials made a rare admission: prisoners had initiated work stoppages at every single major correctional facility in the state.

Is the US legal system at war with its people?

Incarcerations, brutality, and torture are common in the US. Activists claim that this amounts to a war waged against racially marginalized, poor, and working-class people.

Black August: Jalil Muntaqim on the Black liberation struggle inside and outside prison walls

Black August is a recognition of former political prisoners such as Jalil Muntaqim, who spent 49 years behind bars in US prisons

US political prisoner Mutulu Shakur has six months to live. Will courts finally grant compassionate release?

Renowned revolutionary leader and health worker Mutulu Shakur has spent over three decades in prison. As his cancer worsens, activists are demanding his release.