Migrant caravan

Trump threatened to impose tariffs on trade with its second largest trading partner to pressure Mexico to take measures against immigration

A new migrant caravan consisting of around 1,100 people started its journey towards the US from San Pedro Sula in Honduras.

The endemic corruption, poverty, lack of basic services and opportunities and widespread violence are the major motivating factors for the hundreds of Hondurans making their way towards the US

Aquarius migrant rescue ship

In Europe and the US, the right wing continued to fan the flame of hatred against migrants for electoral gain even as institutions failed to stand up to this propaganda. The victims of all this were the migrants.

Migrant Caravan attacked by US agents

This followed hostile action by US border authorities on Sunday, who teargassed the migrants, including women and children

The migrant caravan, which has been met with threats from Donald Trump, is the result of poverty, growing crime and repression in Honduras. The US has played a key role in propping up the government of Juan Orlando Hernández, who was reelected in November through blatant electoral fraud.

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