Mônica Valente
La Cumbre de los Pueblos en Bruselas pide que se respete la democracia y la autodeterminación

Más de 1.000 personas participaron en la Cumbre de los Pueblos que reunió a los pueblos de América Latina y el Caribe y de Europa

Belgium hosts movements from across Latin America and Europe in People’s Summit

We bring you glimpses of the People’s Summit in Brussels which brought together people’s movements, trade unions, and left parties from across Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe

People’s Summit in Brussels calls for respect of democracy and self-determination

Over 1,000 people participated in the People’s Summit that brought together the people of Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe

“People’s struggles and international solidarity helped defeat lawfare against Lula”

Mônica Valente of Brazil’s Workers’ Party (PT) talks about how they resisted the campaign of lawfare against Lula and what this election means for the country’s future