Narendra Modi
G20 India G20 is in need of genuine reform

The “consensus” evolved at the G20 summit last week regarding Ukraine war is, in reality, a passing moment in the geopolitical struggle between the US and Russia, as embedded within it is the existential crisis Russia faces

G20’s New Delhi Declaration is a successful balancing act

The declaration omitted the use of the word aggression in the context of the Ukraine war, which had been a major point of contention. It recognized that the G20 is not the platform to resolve geopolitical and security issues while acknowledging their impact on the global economy

G20 summit India 18th G20 summit set to begin in New Delhi as faultlines among members widen

The West’s disregard of concerns from the Global South on reforms of international financial institutions and climate change, as well as attempts to use the forum for geopolitical gains, has made consensus elusive 

G20: What’s in it for the Global South?

Economist Dr Biswajit Dhar talks about what to expect from the forthcoming G20 summit being held in Delhi, India. He says the rhetoric about gains to developing countries from the G20 summits is hype

BRICS summit begins with focus on expansion, de-dollarization

The summit of BRICS leaders is expected to take crucial decisions related to the bloc’s expansion and its role in carving out more space for the economies of the Global South in the world economy

Can BRICS lead a wave of assertion from Global South?

At its historic summit in South Africa, BRICS has an opportunity to give voice to the demands of the Global South. In order to do so, it must realize its potential as a global forum that provides alternatives for development and growth

Protests break out across India against BJP government’s inaction in Manipur State

Protests have broken out across India against the failure of the BJP governments at the Center and the State of Manipur to provide justice to those affected by the horrific religious and ethnic violence

Manipur violence India “79 days too late”: Outrage across India as video of sexual assault exposes violence in Manipur

The northeastern State of Manipur in India has seen horrific ethnic and religious violence for nearly three months. The opposition alleges that the central and the Manipur State government led by the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have failed to uphold law and order in the State by deliberate inaction  

India SCO summit India’s discontent with SCO

In the international arena, the SCO and the BRICS are poised to be the two principal vehicles to advance the aspirations of the Global South. By clinging on to the US coattails, India is only weakening its own pretensions as the self-appointed leader of such countries

Iran joins SCO Iran is the latest full member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

The announcement regarding Iran’s full membership was made at a virtual summit of the SCO attended by the leaders of the respective countries on Tuesday. Belarus, has also signed a memorandum of obligation which is the first step towards gaining SCO membership

India ineuqality The trajectory of inequality in India

In 1981, India’s government under Indira Gandhi approached the IMF for a loan. The conditionalities that were part of the loan set the stage for decades of ‘reform’ which would lead to a massive rise in inequality

US-India semiconductor Micron If chip-making is India’s goal, Micron deal won’t deliver it

If chip-making is India’s goal, the Micron deal to set up a plant in India won’t deliver it. What India is getting—assembling and testing chips made elsewhere—is the lowest end of the chip-making technology