National Health Service (NHS)
Medact_Prevent Should health workers work with counter terrorism agencies?

NHS staff pulled into counter-terrorism programs, raising alarms over patient care and professional ethics

Labour Party set to win the UK election, but what does this mean for the people?

All polls indicate an unprecedented victory for Keir Starmer’s Labour in the upcoming election, but questions remain about what will happen next

Tens of thousands infected with Hepatitis C and HIV in UK blood contamination scandal

The results of an inquiry confirmed that around 30,000 people in the United Kingdom received Hepatitis C and HIV-infected transfusions between 1970 and 1991

Migrant health and care workers in the UK face new threats by immigration policy

The health and care sectors in the UK depend on migrant health workers, yet Rishi Sunak’s government is preparing to introduce even harsher immigration policies

Health inequities continue to widen in the UK

A new report indicates that health and social inequities in the UK are having a devastating effect on quality of life and mortality rates. While the health gap between poorer and richer communities has been a concern for a long time, the report shows that its consequences are worse than anticipated

Junior doctors in the UK wage long struggle in the face of Sunak’s arrogance

Junior doctors continue their struggle for full pay restoration as Rishi Sunak’s government once again fails to come up with a credible offer

75 years of NHS UK The NHS at 75 years: A sharp turn needed to fight health inequities

75 years after its establishment, the NHS continues to enjoy strong support among health workers and patients, but struggles under the burden of divestment and prioritization of the private sector

UK government’s long-term health workforce plan fails to address existing grievances UK government’s long-term health workforce plan fails to address existing grievances

Rishi Sunak’s government has announced a ‘historic’ plan to build health workforce over the next 15 years, but health workers’ organizations say it fails to address the grievances that have been raised by health workers

Health workers strike UK NHS workers undeterred by government attempts to stop strikes

Nurses, ambulance workers, and other health workers in England continue to plan for industrial action escalation as government looks for way to stop strikes without improving working conditions

In Europe, working-class resilience on full display during May Day

On International Workers’ Day, trade unions and working class parties across Europe reiterated their resolve to defend workers against capitalism, imperialism, and fascism

22-04 NHS Strike - UK British health workers to intensify protests against meager pay hikes offered by government

Dismayed by the below-inflation pay offers by the Tory government, health workers affiliated to Unite the Union and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) have announced strikes for the end of April and the first week of May

13-04 Junior Doctors' Strike - UK Junior doctors in England intensify protests demanding pay restoration

Junior doctors in England, like other workers of the National Health Service (NHS), are struggling due to low wages, overwork, and soaring inflation. They are demanding a salary hike to compensate for the 26% cut, since 2008, in take-home wages for the highly qualified workforce