Nelson Chamisa
After doctors, teachers launch nationwide strike in Zimbabwe

Their main demands include a rise in salary from $500 to $3000 and payment in US dollars rather than in bonds. Teachers and doctors in Zimbabwe receive among the lowest pay in the world for their professions

Post-election violence in Zimbabwe: probe seeks action against security personnel but not govt.

Six people died and 35 were injured in the protests by opposition parties in the aftermath of the elections. While the inquiry commission recommends a probe against soldiers, it does not seek action against the president and others who sanctioned military deployment

Opposition leader in Zimbabwe challenges election results in Constitutional Court

After what many believed to be fraudulent elections, Nelson Chamisa leader of the MDC Alliance is contesting the victory of Emmerson Mnangagwa of ZANU-PF, and many expect that whatever the decision is, there will be confrontations on the streets

‘Zimbabwe today is full of revolutionary possibility’

The huge protests in the aftermath of the election reflect a deep-rooted desire among the people to effect a change in the system