US troops will return to Ecuador, decades after removal by Correa

Daniel Noboa is carrying to term plans to bring US troops back to Ecuador over a month after he declared an internal armed conflict against drug trafficking groups

Capitalism and drug trafficking in Ecuador. Why the war on the poor will never solve the problem

Ecuadorian researchers Andrés Tapia Arias and Andrés Madrid Tamayo address some of the root causes to the wave of drug trafficking-related violence and why the government’s response is still missing the mark

Not one step back: National general strike in Argentina against Milei’s attacks on workers

Across Argentina millions are participating in a national general strike to protest the Milei government’s widespread attacks on people’s rights

The rich get richer while global poverty deepens in “decade of division”

Wealth accumulation by the rich has risen to the point that the world could see its first trillionaire within a decade. Meanwhile, it will take more than 200 years to end global poverty, a report by Oxfam International has found.

Ecuador in crisis: five points to understand a country broken by neoliberalism

Some clues to unravel how in a few years Ecuador went from being a peaceful country to becoming a territory governed by organized crime.

Argentine trade unions and social movements mobilize against Milei’s harsh austerity policies

Trade unions are taking to the streets against the dismissal of 7,000 workers and other anti-people policies that are part of Javier Milei’s recent presidential decree

Over 1,500 farmers gather in Njombe, Tanzania for MVIWATA annual meeting

The movement which is also commemorating its 30th anniversary fights for the dignity and unity of the peasantry in Tanzania in the face of neoliberalism

Far-right libertarian Javier Milei is the next president of Argentina

Milei won a resounding victory with an over 10 point margin over the center-left peronist candidate Sergio Massa

Gap narrows between Milei and Massa ahead of Argentine presidential race

Poll results show a close race between the two candidates, many show a tie. Massa emphasizes economic recovery and Milei calls for ballot box control

Dilemmas of Humanity conference in South Africa debates road to socialism

During the different interventions and discussions by participants, the conclusion was clear that socialism and socialist solutions are the only way to overcome these issues and build a better world for all.

“Democracy must be built from below”: left leaders reflect on what true democracy looks like

Left leaders and researchers from India, South Africa, Venezuela, Morocco, and the US discussed the need to build people’s democracy

IMF pushes world’s poorest countries into “starvation diet” as debt burdens spiral

As the IMF and World Bank commence their annual meetings, an Oxfam report shows how their failed policies of austerity will force the world’s poorest countries to cut USD 229 billion in public spending while hemorrhaging billions in debt payments.