New Cold War
Right-wing media claims Palestine solidarity activists in the US are influenced by foreign agents

FOX News and other outlets, following massive pro-Palestine demonstrations across the US, claim demonstrators are driven by foreign funds not “organic rage”

McCarthyism is leading us to war

As the US is scrambling to maintain its hegemony, anti-war voices critical of US militarization policy in the war in Ukraine or around China are red-baited and silenced

Global South countries participate in 3rd Belt and Road Forum to assess progress

The third Belt and Road Forum, which was launched in 2013, is estimated to have surpassed over a trillion dollars in total value

G20 summit India 18th G20 summit set to begin in New Delhi as faultlines among members widen

The West’s disregard of concerns from the Global South on reforms of international financial institutions and climate change, as well as attempts to use the forum for geopolitical gains, has made consensus elusive 

G20 environment ministers G20: last waltz in a world torn apart

The strong likelihood is that the forthcoming G-20 event in Delhi this weekend may turn out to be the last waltz of its kind between the cowboys of the Western world and the increasingly restless Global South

Yevgeny Prigozhin return russia Russia, US exchange glances as Prigozhin heads for Moscow

The 2024 elections in Russia (in May) and the US (November) are generating comparable pressures, constraints and obligations for both leaderships

SCO denounces confrontation and protectionist policies, vows to work for a just and multipolar world order

The New Delhi declaration signed by SCO members declared Central Asia to be its core region and emphasized that resolution of the conflict in Afghanistan is significant for its security and stability

Chinese-American worker and activist arrested for advocating for peace between US and China

Li Tang “Henry” Liang, a hotel worker active in his Boston local union, was suspended from his job after being indicted on federal charges

Voices from across the globe unite against the New Cold War, advocate New Non-Alignment

A webinar organized by the No Cold War campaign in collaboration with several progressive movements and platforms highlighted the ongoing transition towards a multipolar world and the need for a new Non-Aligned Movement

Fighting remilitarization in Japan

Japanese peace activist Seishi Hinada talks about the policy of militarization pursued by the Fumio Kishida government and the campaign against US bases in Okinawa

El giro de Corea del Sur hacia el conflicto

La aspiración del Presidente Yoon Suk Yeol de convertir a Corea del Sur en un “Estado pivote mundial” está convirtiendo a su país en un engranaje más de la maquinaria bélica estadounidense y pone en juego la seguridad y el futuro económico de Corea del Sur en un orden mundial en declive liderado por Estados Unidos.

South Korea pivots to conflict

President Yoon Suk Yeol’s aspiration to position South Korea as a “global pivotal state” is turning his country into a bigger cog in the US war machine and stakes South Korea’s security and economic future on a declining US-led global order