New Popular Front
Macron delays mandate for New Popular Front

Emmanuel Macron is avoiding acknowledging the defeat of his liberal camp in the general election, delaying the mandate for the New Popular Front to form a government

New Popular Front poised to win second round of elections in France

Polls predict that the left-progressive alliance New Popular Front will secure the most seats after the conclusion of the second round of the general election in France

No middle ground: New Popular Front to face National Rally in French election

The left-progressive alliance New Popular Front continues its campaign in a final attempt to prevent Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally from gaining power in France

France heads to second round showdown between left alliance and far-right

The left-progressive New Popular Front struck a significant blow to Macron’s centrist neoliberalism, winning over 29% of the votes, trailing only 5 points behind Le Pen’s National Rally