Palestine solidarity movement
Ghanaians organize car caravan in solidarity with Palestine

For the last eight months, people in the West African nation have been organizing actions to demand an immediate end to Israel’s genocide in Gaza

The United States is the main obstacle to peace in Palestine

The US maintains that it is Hamas that is standing in the way of a ceasefire and peace, but it is the US that continues to enable Israel to carry out genocide even after establishing “red lines”

Current and former US military personnel build a movement for Palestine within their ranks

Peoples Dispatch speaks to US veterans who are standing against their government’s complicity in genocide and organizing more to do the same

Mask off Maersk targets the suppliers of Israel’s genocide in Gaza

The Palestinian Youth Movement takes on a transnational campaign, targeting logistics giant Maersk which has transported over USD 300 million in weapons components to US arms manufacturers

Regarding the pain of others as our own

The May 2024 TriconArt bulletin talks about the power of images amid campus protests, and art’s internationalist role

University of California workers on strike for the right to protest for Palestine

The President of UAW 4811, Rafael Jaime, speaks about the ongoing strike of University of California student workers

People’s Conference for Palestine closes with a pledge to mobilize against Rafah invasion

The conference concluded with a commitment to intensify ending the genocide in Gaza and igniting a summer of struggle for Palestine

The unity of our struggle: Mustafa Barghouti on the role of the Palestinian diaspora in the struggle for liberation

Physician and activist Mustafa Barghouti, secretary general of the Palestinian National Initiative, addressed the People’s Conference for Palestine in Detroit

Unity through resistance: 3,000 pro-Palestine activists converge in Detroit

Hundreds of Palestine solidarity organizations are gathered in the People’s Conference for Palestine held in Detroit, MI

Palestine solidarity organizers to convene in Detroit

Prominent figures and organizations in the Palestine solidarity movement will convene in Detroit to strengthen relationships and chart out next steps

Zionism is the catastrophe

At seven months and seventy-six years of the Nakba, Palestinian writer and organizer Kaleem Hawa reflects on what this anniversary means amid the ongoing genocide in Gaza