Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate (PJS)
Israel asesina a periodistas en Gaza

Como parte de su ataque genocida contra Gaza, Israel está asesinando a trabajadores de los medios de comunicación a un ritmo sin precedentes, aparentemente para impedir que el mundo vea las atrocidades incalificables que lleva a cabo.

Media outlets call for an end to Israel’s massacre of Palestinian journalists

During the seven weeks of Israeli bombing of Gaza, Israel has killed a record high number of journalists as well as their families

Israel is assassinating journalists in Gaza

As part of its genocidal onslaught on Gaza, Israel is killing media workers at an unprecedented rate, seemingly to prevent the world from seeing the unspeakable atrocities it carries out.

Israeli attacks on Palestinian journalists Media and legal groups file complaint at ICC over Israeli violence against journalists

The groups mentioned in detail the cases of Ahmed Abu Hussein, Yaser Murtaja, Muath Amarneh and Nedal Eshtayeh, journalists who were shot dead or seriously injured by Israeli army snipers while they were covering popular protests in the blockaded Gaza strip

Moath Amarneh Israeli forces attack protests in solidarity with Palestinian journalist Moath Amarneh

A number of protests were held across Palestine in solidarity with photojournalist Moath Amarneh, who lost sight in one eye after he was shot by Israeli security forces while covering the confiscation of land