Palestinian resistance
[In Photos] “There is no free homeland, without women’s freedom”

Thousands of Palestinian women mobilized in towns and cities across Palestine to demonstrate against patriarchal and colonial violence

Palestinian women to march against gender-based violence

Women across Palestine and the diaspora will stage a march on September 26 to assert that the struggle of women is intrinsic to the broader struggle for the liberation of Palestine

The Dawabsheh family Extremist Jewish settler who burnt alive Dawabsheh family acquitted

Accused will now be charged with conspiracy to commit arson, faces no more than five and a half years in prison.

Gaza Great Return March April 19: Hundreds injured in the Israeli violence on Great Return March protesters in Gaza

The protesters are demanding the right to return to their homeland from which they were expelled by Israeli militias in 1948.

Great Return March: one year of resistance_Peoples Dispatch [On the ground] One year of resistance: Great Return March

We spoke to protesters, medical personnel and member of the March committee of women regarding the movement for the right to return of Palestinians and the response by Israeli occupation forces.

Israel war crimes in Palestine Israeli jets strike Gaza 3rd day in a row

Strikes follow the killing of 23-year-old Palestinian in Friday Great Return March protests

Israeli settler violence continues to increase Palestine witnesses increased violence by illegal Israeli settlers

Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land are illegal under international law.

Israeli apartheid road blocl Protesters block Israeli apartheid road in West Bank for 30 minutes

Two were arrested and four injured as Israeli police used tear gas and stun grenades on protesters

Military embargo on Israel Israel’s military occupation of Palestine and its ties with global south (Part 2)

In this discussion, we talk about how we can build demand for a military embargo on Israel as resistance to its military occupation.

Israeli occupation of palestine Israel’s military occupation of Palestine and its ties with global south (Part 1)

We discuss the nature of Israel’s military occupation of Palestine and how it is sustained by its ties with regimes in the global south.

“The only way to achieve peace is by recognizing the rights of Palestinians”

Michele from the French Jewish Union for Peace talks about the BDS movement in France and the Yellow Vest protests.

Palestinian progressive coalition seeks to provide political alternative

The Palestinian Democratic Group seeks to work within the framework of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, and will work towards holding both presidential and parliamentary elections in the occupied Palestinian territories

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