Palestinian resistance
“The Paris proposal is an Israeli proposal in contradiction with the demands of the resistance”

The latest diplomatic efforts by the United States, Egypt, and Qatar have produced a widely unpopular deal which would not even secure a permanent ceasefire

“The terrorist is the Zionist occupation,” says Palestinian resistance leader

Read Brian Becker’s exclusive interview with Haytham Abdo, a leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Leila Khaled: “Liberation is not achieved at the negotiation table”

Madaar interviewed the celebrated Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine militant about the ongoing resistance to Zionism in Gaza and around the world

Italian students occupy university for Gaza

University students in Naples occupied their university to demand a ceasefire and an end to cooperation between their university and Israeli institutions

Leila Khaled: “When people rise, the occupants begin to shiver”

Lauded Palestinian freedom fighter spoke in the III International Dilemmas of Humanity Conference on the ongoing Palestinian struggle for freedom

Abeer Abu Khdeir: Israeli forces are attacking Palestine every minute

The feminist activist shares her concerns about the attacks in Gaza and Jerusalem, but also her firm belief in the Palestinian resistance and struggle for freedom

Israeli assault on Gaza continues

While the world cries out in horror, Israel has doubled down on its bombing campaign and violent rhetoric against Palestinian people

The everyday violence of life in occupied Palestine

Since the Nakba, institutional violence by Israel against Palestinians has worked alongside paramilitary and military violence to advance the Zionist fantasy of a “Jewish state” across all of Historic Palestine

Harvard students stand strong for Palestine despite intimidation

Several Harvard students who signed onto a statement supporting Palestinian struggle have been persecuted by Zionists

Artists across the globe stand in solidarity with Palestinian resistance

Over 100 artists sign on to a letter condemning Israel and “to stand in solidarity with those resisting occupation and fighting for their right to self-determination”

Israeli raid in Jenin Israeli forces kill 4 Palestinians and injure over 30 in raids and attacks in Jenin and Gaza

Israeli forces have raided the city of Jenin on multiple occasions this year in an attempt to suppress and dismantle the growing Palestinian armed resistance

Freedom Theatre Jenin “Israel’s actions in Jenin will only serve to breed a new generation that will carry torch of resistance”

A first person account of the devastating attack by Israel on The Freedom Theatre in Jenin, where a group of families sought refuge amidst the turmoil, by Mustafa Sheta, a leading light of the cultural group