People’s Health Dispatch
Silenced voices: intercultural perspectives in the prevention, preparation and response to pandemics

Indigenous peoples are not included in the current draft of WHO’s Pandemic Treaty, raising concern about their health and well-being in the case of new pandemics.

Prospects fade for rebuilding Gaza’s health infrastructure, warns WHO

The UN health agency has warned that the attacks on healthcare facilities in the Gaza Strip are severely complicating efforts to imagine the rebuilding of health capacities

Violence against women is a public health crisis, say health activists

During its 5th edition, activists congregated at the People’s Health Assembly in Mar del Plata discussed the initiatives of the feminist movement to expand access to health for all

Over 800 public health experts sign letter to demand ceasefire in Gaza

“The single most impactful public health intervention that could be implemented in Gaza today would be a cessation of hostilities,” write the health experts

India’s newly amended patent rules threaten affordable medicines in the Global South

New amendments to patent rules in India will jeopardize the country’s ability to produce generics, dealing a strong blow to access to medicines in both India and other countries of the Global South

Israel has ripped the heart out of Gaza’s health system by destroying Al-Shifa Hospital

Through its latest vicious set of attacks against healthcare in Gaza, Israel leaves no doubts that it is set to destroy all remaining health infrastructure in the Strip

WHO negotiations for Pandemic Treaty extended due to disagreements

WHO members failed to agree on a final version of the new Pandemic Treaty which is to be adopted at the upcoming World Health Assembly in May. Global North countries are resisting calls for suspension of intellectual property claims on essential products, including vaccines

Executions, detentions, and sexual violence: Israel’s brutal siege on Al-Shifa Hospital

People sheltering at Al-Shifa Hospital give accounts on even more violence and humiliation as Israeli forces carry out some of the worst attacks yet

Brazil’s Health Industrial Complex puts health at the heart of industrialization

Lula’s government is fulfilling his promise to health movements by progressing works on the Health Economic-Industrial Complex, with the aim to provide Brazil’s health system with independence from transnational corporations

Will training more doctors be enough to strengthen South Korea’s healthcare?

The recent strike by South Korean trainee doctors against the expansion of medical school quotas has highlighted the structural issues in the country’s health system

Israel intensifies assault on healthcare in Gaza. Only 11 hospitals are partially functioning

Attacks on Al-Amal and Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis leave even more people without essential health care, health workers under threat

Millions of women in the US are being left without essential healthcare

As maternity care deserts in the US expand, millions of women in rural areas of the US have been left without access to basic maternity care, including labor wards