People’s Health Movement
Silenced voices: intercultural perspectives in the prevention, preparation and response to pandemics

Indigenous peoples are not included in the current draft of WHO’s Pandemic Treaty, raising concern about their health and well-being in the case of new pandemics.

Violence against women is a public health crisis, say health activists

During its 5th edition, activists congregated at the People’s Health Assembly in Mar del Plata discussed the initiatives of the feminist movement to expand access to health for all

Over 800 public health experts sign letter to demand ceasefire in Gaza

“The single most impactful public health intervention that could be implemented in Gaza today would be a cessation of hostilities,” write the health experts

5th People’s Health Assembly begins in Mar del Plata

Hundreds of health activists are gathering at the 5th People’s Health Assembly to discuss strategies for health justice amid the crisis in Argentina and the Israeli war on Gaza

Palestinian and international networks demand Israel release hospital director Dr. Ahmed Muhanna

Al Awda Association and the People’s Health Movement launched a campaign for the release of Dr. Ahmed Muhanna, director of Al-Awda Hospital in northern Gaza

Israel wages war against Gaza’s remaining hospitals

The Al-Shifa hospital ran out of fuel due to the ongoing siege by Israeli forces. Occupation snipers and drones have been positioned all around the hospital complex, opening fire at any sign of movement.

The Brazil we want, with health for all!

As Brazil re-embraces democratic values, one of the key priorities reactivated from the post-military dictatorship era is the right to health. The Brazilian constitution guarantees universal, free, and equal access to healthcare, an essential aspect for democratic social movements

What to expect at the 76th World Health Assembly

As delegates gather in Geneva for the 76th World Health Assembly, health activists remain vigilant about topics still missing from the WHO’s agenda

La Asamblea Mundial por la Salud de los Pueblos que tendrá lugar en Colombia marcará un hito en la lucha por el derecho a la salud

El Movimiento por la Salud de los Pueblos se moviliza para la 5ª Asamblea Mundial por la Salud de los Pueblos, que tendrá lugar en Cali (Colombia) en diciembre de este año.

At World Health Organization, the future of health care is being decided, and contested

Jyotsna Singh of the People’s Health Movement talks about the key debates at the World Health Organization that will frame the future of health care policy and the concerns raised by countries of the Global South

WHO Executive Board to discuss outbreaks of diseases old and new, financing and universal coverage

The 152nd session of WHO’s Executive Board is being held from January 30 to February 7. On the agenda are crucial issues such as progress towards Universal Health Coverage, equitable access to diagnostics and therapeutics, and nutrition

Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform is a health hazard

Workers from all sectors in France held a day of mobilizations against President Macron’s proposal of a pension reform on January 19. Health collectives are joining the initiative