political persecution
Socialist Party of Zambia president Dr. Fred M’membe arrested on espionage charges

The SP leader has faced repeated arrests in the preceding months as the party remains a leading voice against the neoliberal policies of the Zambian government

US Senate condemns the student movement for Palestine

Republican Senator Josh Hawley successfully pushed a resolution through the Senate, denouncing pro-Palestine student organizing

Gamal Zeyada arrest Egypt Egyptian activists and rights groups demand release of father of journalist Ahmed Gamal Ziada

Gamal Ziada, father of journalist Ahmed Gamal Ziada, was arrested on charges of spreading fake news. Over 300 individuals and groups have demanded his immediate release and an end to attacks on freedom of expression and the press

10 years of Sisi regime in Egypt A decade after military coup, Egyptians continue to struggle with authoritarian rule

Despite strong popular discontent, the regime of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has been sustained in power by the US and its regional allies such as the Gulf monarchies as it is willing to play a the role of a proxy in the region 

Prominent Algerian opposition leader Karim Tabbou placed under judicial supervision after brief arrest 

Tabbou, like most other leaders of Algeria’s pro-reform Hirak protests (2019-20), has been consistently harassed and persecuted by the state with arrests and jail terms

Ennahda head sentenced Tunisia Tunisia’s main opposition leader Rached Ghannouchi sentenced to one year in prison 

Ghannouchi’s party and his supporters believe his conviction is politically motivated and part of President Kais Saied’s attempts to silence opposition in the country 

Ennahda Rached Ghannouchi Tunisia Top Ennahda leader Rached Ghannouchi arrested, party office sealed

A number of opposition leaders have been arrested and faced persecution since President Kais Saied took over virtually all power in the country in July 2021

AbM_leaders_released Abahlali baseMjondolo and the fight of the organized poor against a hostile justice system

Months after being imprisoned on a murder charge, three leaders of the eKhenana Commune of Abahlali baseMjondolo have been finally granted bail. Their arrests are part of a lengthy history of violent persecution of the shack dwellers’ movement

Social media influencers arrested Egypt Five social media influencers arrested in Egypt for making a satirical video

All five face serious charges—such as being a part of a terrorist organization, funding terrorism, committing acts of terrorism, and spreading false news—and have been placed in detention for 15 days

Turkish elections (1) Turkish elections to be held on May 14, Erdoğan faces a tough challenge

The upcoming elections are set to be the biggest challenge for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with polls showing that the opposition has a slight advantage.

Belmarsh tribunal Assange Third Belmarsh Tribunal in Washington DC seeks to strengthen calls for Assange’s release

The Belmarsh Tribunal in Washington DC will present evidence and testimonies against the ongoing persecution against Assange

Ayachi Hammami Tunisia Protests in Tunisia against persecution of political activist Ayachi Hammami

The protests were organized by political groups in the country in collaboration with lawyers and judges who have also opposed the dismissal of 57 judges by President Kais Saied last year