Political violence
Socialist Party of Zambia leader Fred M’membe arrested again in rising campaign of repression

SP President Fred M’membe was arrested on August 22 on an additional charge in a case of political violence in the Serenje district in April. Despite having been attacked by members of the ruling UPND, M’membe and other SP leaders were arrested by the police

Socialist Party of Zambia attacked by members of ruling party, Dr. Fred M’membe arrested

According to the Socialist Party, their party members were attacked at a campaign meeting ahead of a by-election in the Serenje district and SP President Dr. Fred M’membe was later arrested

Long march Pakistan Imran Khan’s long march resumes days after assassination attempt 

The attack on Imran Khan has shocked the country, which is already undergoing political instability and an economic downturn. Khan served as the 22nd prime minister of Pakistan before his ouster in April this year

Jose Ramos-Horta wins East Timorese presidency, promises political stability

Despite a landslide victory, José Ramos-Horta will need to deal with heightened polarization in a politically fractured country

34 candidates assassinated ahead of parliamentary and subnational elections in Mexico

According to the consulting firm Etellekt’s latest report on political violence, so far, 88 politicians have been assassinated since the beginning of the election campaign in September 2020. 34 of them were aspiring candidates for the upcoming legislative, regional and municipal elections in Mexico

Venezuela and the origin of political violence in Latin America

Lautaro Rivara writes a reflection for Batalla de ideas on the assassination attempt against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the growing militarization of politics and the origins and reach of violence in Latin America and the Caribbean.