Power crisis in South Africa
South African court rules in favor of NUMSA and others in load shedding case, asks state to ensure power supply to critical facilities

The Court has granted urgent relief sought by NUMSA and 18 other applicants to exempt public hospitals, schools, and police stations from rotational power cuts, recognizing that load shedding infringed upon constitutional rights. A decision on Part B of the application seeking final relief is awaited.

Daily Round-up | 20 protesters injured in police repression in Peru & other stories

In this episode, we bring you stories of continued repression of protests in Peru and atrocities by Israeli occupation, South Africa’s escalating power crisis, and German workers staging protests against declining wages

South Africa’s escalating power crisis explained

Vashna Jagarnath of the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party talks about the escalating power crisis in South Africa and the impact it is having on the poor. She also analyzes the failure of the government to come up with solutions to the problem