Putin-Xi summit
President Xi reiterates need for a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis in his conversation with Zelensky

China will send a special envoy to Ukraine to devise a framework of settlement after having detailed discussions with all parties involved in the conflict

Will Xi’s visit to Russia mark a change in the world order?

Former Indian ambassador MK Bhadrakumar joins Newsclick’s Prabir Purkayastha to talk about what went down in these talks and the larger implications of Xi’s visit to Russia.

Daily Round-up | Chinese president Xi Jinping hails Russia ties while on 3-day visit & other stories

In today’s episode, we take a look at Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia, the latest IPCC report, the escalating protests against pension reforms in France, and Brazil relaunching the More Doctors healthcare program

Russia-China ties China doubles down on vision with Russia

The West’s “information war” and its distorted projection of the China-Russia relationship in the context of the Ukraine crisis, is fraught with consequences for the emerging world order

Mapping Faultlines: Understanding NATO and US responses to Russia

In this episode of Mapping Faultines, NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha talks about the responses by NATO and the US to demands raised by Russia on the security situation in Europe

China’s support is a game changer for Russia

What really matters most for Moscow would be the myriad ways in which Beijing can mitigate the effect of any harsh western sanctions

Specter of war is haunting Europe

The release of two crucial documents in Moscow implies that it is under no illusion that the US strategy is about cornering Russia and browbeat it on the global stage