Religious fundamentalism
10-year-old rape victim in Brazil safely aborts after feminists expel religious extremists

Religious fundamentalists attempted to invade a health center in the city of Recife in a bid to prevent the procedure. The child earlier had to travel over 1,800 km after she was denied her legal right in her home State

Citizenship protest in India_Tripura Protest rages in India against Citizenship Bill

The far right Bharatiya Janata Party led government passed a bill that would grant citizenship to undocumented immigrants from selected religious groups to favor its chances in the upcoming national elections

Videos of fundamentalist youth army in Latin America point to greater malice

A three-year-old video of the Gladiators of the Altar,’ a project of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, has once again highlighted the role of the religious group which has been accused of corruption, exploiting the poor and fascistic tendencies. The church also contributed to Bolsonaro’s victory in Brazil