Russia–Ukraine war
US foreign funding bill stalled in House as Israel grows impatient

More than 29,000 Gazans have been killed by Israel, the Zionist state begs for more US funding as it carries out attacks

Peace is nowhere on the horizon as Ukraine war completes two years

Two years into the war, Ukraine has suffered a significant setback with the fall of Avdiivka. However, neither this defeat nor the failure of its counter-offensive has led to calls for peace, either from its rulers or western allies

Germany swims or sinks with NATO

The US is re-energizing its coalition with Germany and Poland for the next phase of the Ukraine war. But, the German public is conflicted over this war

Threat of war looms over Europe as NATO drill goes full-throttle

Steadfast Defender 2024, the biggest NATO drill since the end of theCold War, involving more than 90,000 military personnel from 31 member countries and Sweden is underway in Europe

Nuland leaves a sense of foreboding in Kiev

All indications are that the US strategy through this year is to ‘hold, build and strike’ at Russia. Meanwhile, Moscow’s best option would be to create a buffer that keeps Russian territories out of reach of game-changing western medium and long-range missiles

ICJ rejects Ukraine’s 2016 cases accusing Russia of terrorism

Ukraine had accused Russia of providing funding to the anti-Kyiv movement in Donbass region calling it “terrorism” and discriminating against Tatar and Ukrainian minorities in annexed Crimea

Turkish communists protest NATO expansion as parliament votes to lift veto on Sweden’s entry

Various communist groups in Turkey have reiterated their demand for Turkey’s exit from NATO and the closure of all NATO bases in the country

An anniversary the West would rather forget

The anniversary of an epochal event from the annals of modern history, the Siege of Leningrad, is coming up in another 10 days. While it remains a living memory for the Russian people, it is an occasion that the US and many of its European allies would rather not remember

Putin lifts the fog of war in Ukraine

Putin’s message is that any new Western narrative on the war is doomed to meet with the same fate as the previous one unless there is realism that Russia cannot be militarily defeated and its legitimate interests are recognized

Ukraine joins NATO’s Arctic projects against Russia

Suffice to say, no matter Ukraine’s defeat in the proxy war with Russia, Zelensky’s use for the US’ geo-strategy remains. The US is increasingly eyeing the Arctic lately as the new theater to entrap Russia in a quagmire

Russia readies for a brave new world

Ukraine will remain a priority issue for Russia and that is one main reason why the Russian elite and the nation at large want Putin to remain in power until 2030

Ukraine war is undergoing mutation

Zelensky’s political future will be crucially affected by the decision taken by the US senate apropos USD 60 billion in additional aid for Ukraine