Daily Round-up| Brazilian power company Electrobras privatized and more

In this episode, we take a look at the privatization of an electricity company in Brazil, a strike by Spanish unions at RyanAir and the cancellation of a UK flight to deport refugees to Rwanda

British Airlines pilots go on strike demanding pay hike British Airlines pilots go on strike demanding pay hike

The strike began on Monday and will continue till Tuesday night with another day of action scheduled for September 27. 93% of the pilots who took part in a ballot in the last week of August approved the strike proposal by the British Airline Pilots Association.

pilots-strike-ryanair Ryanair pilots in the UK go on strike for better pay and work conditions

The airline was successful in securing an injunction from the Irish court, forbidding Irish pilots from joining the strike. However, the same plea was rejected by the courts in the UK.

After a wave of strikes, Ryanair agrees to negotiate new employment contracts with unions

The EU commission ordered Ryanair to comply with laws by changing the contracts of its employees to base them on the labour laws of the countries where they operate

Ryanair pilots across Europe go on strike seeking better working conditions

The pilots are demanding that their contracts be based on the labor laws of the countries they are working out of as opposed to Irish law which is more employer-friendly