Science Advances
Alzheimer’s research sheds new light on Tau Protein turning into a diseased state

Tau protein is believed to be a central factor in Alzheimer’s disease and the study of how it turns diseased might help arrive at therapeutic breakthroughs

Ancient remnants from French cave tell new stories about early humans and Neanderthals

New findings published in Science Advances indicate that early humans landed in Europe at least 10,000 years earlier than previously thought

Imaging technology Ultra-low field MRI scanner could make imaging accessible

Recently, Hong Kong University has reported the possibility of a low-cost MRI using ULF (Ultra-Low Field) magnetic field that is capable of detecting brain lesions

Between sleep and wakefulness, there is a sweet spot of creativity

Scientists experimenting on a sleeping trick followed by Thomas Edison to boost his creativity have had positive results in a study, published on December 8 in Science Advances.

Women were active hunters too during prehistoric times, says new study

An excavation from the Andean Highlands in Peru of the remains of a woman reveals that hunting tools were buried alongside her. The tools recovered include six stone projectiles and 24 other stone artifacts

120,000 year-old footprints in Arabian peninsula point to human presence

A recent study has shed more light on the presence of early humans in the Arabian peninsula after explorers found human footprints on a lakebed surface