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Political turmoil continues in Pakistan despite power sharing deal among establishment parties

The Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) have agreed to form the new government. However, several parties, including Imran Khan’s PTI, have refused to accept the results and have alleged widespread rigging

Pakistan set for polls amid popular resentment against country’s elites

Despite legal troubles, former Prime Minister Imran Khan remains the most popular figure in Pakistan. Meanwhile, economic problems such as price hike and poverty emerge as the most important issues in the current election season

Imran Khan bail Pakistan Bail for Imran Khan sparks protests by ruling coalition in Pakistan

The ruling coalition in Pakistan has launched a sit-in protest outside the Supreme Court to oppose the court’s order granting relief to former Prime Minister Imran Khan after his arrest last week

What led to Imran Khan’s arrest and the political crisis in Pakistan?

Taimur Rahman of the Mazdoor Kisan Party explains the political crisis in Pakistan where massive protests have broken out following the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. He explains the major players and how the situation is like to play out

Pakistan rocked by protests as Imran Khan is sent to custody for eight days

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was arrested on Tuesday, was sent into custody of the National Accountability Bureau on Wednesday. He was also indicted separately in a case related to do with illegal sale of gits. Protests have broken out across the country with over a 1,000 people arrested.

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan arrested 

Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) said the government was “crossing a red line” and has asked its supporters to take to the streets. There are already reports of demonstrations against Khan’s arrest taking place in different parts of the country. 

Pakistan National Assembly Pakistan to launch all-out counterterrorism operation amid severe political and economic crisis

Two bomb explosions hit the city of Quetta just days after Pakistan’s top National Security Committee (NSC) agreed to launch an all-out comprehensive counter-terrorism operation against armed groups.

Police try to control the people gathered at a free flour distribution centre in Pakistan Pakistan’s food crisis continues, 11 die in stampedes

As inflation in Pakistan crosses 47%, panic has set in among the people. Food prices have soared for the eleventh consecutive month, with shortages of several basic commodities being reported

Pakistan mini budget IMF Pakistan’s economic crisis likely to worsen after passing of IMF-dictated budget, rise in fuel prices

The Finance (Supplementary) Bill, 2023, was tabled last week, on February 15, in line with measures required to secure the next IMF loan tranche of USD 1.1 billion

Pakistan flood aid pledges $10 billion in aid has been promised to Pakistan’s flood survivors but many questions remain

Pakistan received nearly $10 billion in funding pledges for post-flood recovery at a conference in Geneva this month, but 90% of this money will be in the form of loans, at a time when Pakistan is already facing a severe debt crisis and worsening socio-economic conditions

Anti-terrorism protest Pakistan Thousands take to the streets in Pakistan’s South Waziristan to demand peace

Protests have been taking place in Pakistan against the conflict between the army and groups such as the Tehreek-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan

Whats next for Pakistan as Imran Khan and the establishment blame each other

Taimur Rahman, General Secretary of the Mazdoor Kisan Party, analyzes the political situation in Pakistan after the assassination attempt on Imran Khan