Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE)
Spanish Premier Pedro Sánchez announces cabinet members of the progressive coalition government

Conservative and right-wing sections have organized protests across the country denouncing Sánchez’s negotiations with Catalan and Basque sections

Progressive forces condemn right-wing attack on PSOE headquarters in Madrid

Right-wing groups have been organizing violent protests against the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE)-led acting government’s amnesty plan for Catalan nationalist leaders

Progressives salute defeat of far-right in Spain

The far-right party Vox was projected to receive more support in Sunday’s polls in Spain, which sent fears across the country of the return of fascist politics

29-05 Spanish Elections Early elections called in Spain following defeat of incumbent party in regional polls

The conservative People’s Party led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo were the major winners in the regional and local polls held across Spain on May 28, which were considered a trial run for the general elections scheduled for this year

Spanish elections Socialist Party maintains lead in Spanish elections amidst far-right surge

The far right party, Vox, has almost doubled its seat share in the congress from 24 to 52, and has become the third largest force in the Spanish parliament