Anganwadi workers in Andhra Pradesh declare victory after 42-day strike

Terming the strike as a “grand victory,” the All India Federation of Anganwadi Workers and Helpers said in a statement that it “proved the strength of the working people”

On day of historic strike in São Paulo, thousands rally against privatization

The crowd protested outside Alesp, while deputies discussed Sabesp’s concession plan to the private sector

57,000 US auto workers win tentative agreement with Ford

Historic tentative agreement has workers standing to win more in raises than they’ve received in that past 22 years

UAW leader announces major victory: workers at electric vehicle plants to be included in contract

While politicians and corporate execs try to use EVs as a way to divide workers, unionized auto workers show that fighting climate change must include good union jobs

75,000 US health workers strike for fair pay and benefits

75,000 Kaiser Permanente health workers walked off the job Wednesday to fight short staffing

Biggest health worker strike in US history to begin tomorrow

75,000 healthcare workers across nonprofit Kaiser Permanente facilities will walk off the job tomorrow in an ongoing fight for safer staffing levels

“The workers are the liberators,” declares UAW President, sending 7,000 more out on strike

United Auto Workers are expanding their strike to put additional pressure on General Motors and Ford, playing the three largest automakers against each other

Writers Guild strike US Hollywood writers secure tentative deal after 146 days of strike

The bargaining team of the Writers’ Guild of America have announced an in-principle agreement on all major issues raised by the striking writers. The strike is set to continue until after the final draft of the tentative agreement is authorized for a ratification vote

UAW mobilizes thousands more to join Stand Up Strike

Auto workers at all Stellantis and General Motors parts distribution centers are being called on to hit the picket line across the United States

UAW continues to fiercely “stand up” despite company attacks

The three largest automakers in the US will stop at nothing to pit workers against each other

US autoworkers go on strike, call on all workers to “stand up!”

The United Auto Workers employ a fresh strategy of the “stand up strike,” strategically shutting down select plants to keep the Big Three automakers guessing

In two days, 144,000 US autoworkers workers are set to strike

The master contract for 144,000 unionized workers expires on September 14. Workers are ready to strike the three largest automakers in the nation