The near total strike in Lesotho’s garment sector enters fourth week

Protesting against the government’s failure to review the minimum wage for two consecutive years, 38,000 of roughly 40,000 workers in Lesotho’s garment industry have downed tools since May 14

Kenyan govt. approves insurance cover for frontline workers but protests set to continue

The Kenyan government’s approval of insurance cover addresses only one of the key demands of health workers as many professionals are unhappy over unpaid remittances, lack of PPEs and pending promotions

South African Airways strike South African Airways strike concludes as management concedes to unions’ demands

The management has agreed to a wage hike, an education bursary for employees and to set up a task force to review contracts given to private companies. It will also defer retrenchments it had earlier announced

Rail workers’ strike in Canada enters fifth day

The workers of Canadian National Railways are demanding higher salaries and safer working conditions. Fatigue among rail workers is mounting even as the management plans further lay-offs

Uruguayan gas workers begin an indefinite general strike

The strike has been called in solidarity with the gas workers of MontevideoGas company and against the Brazilian state owned company Petrobras.

Stop & Shop employees continue protest against unfair contract

The workers are protesting under the banner of the United Food & Commercial Workers union. The strike began after the company introduced fresh provisions to cut down on workers’ benefits during contract negotiations

Glasgow strike Rouse, Ye Women 2.0: Glasgow strike demands an end to gender pay gap

The Glasgow strike has evoked memories of the great 1910 strike for minimum wages by women workers of small chain manufacturing units in the Cradley Heath area in the West Midlands.

Indian Left parties organise nationwide shutdown over crumbling economy

The impact of soaring petrol and diesel prices on the poor, corruption in defence deals and the loot of the economy by corporates were among the issues highlighted

Chicago hotel employees go on strike, demanding year-long health benefits

Among the other demands of the workers from 25 hotels are pensions, job security, sick day leaves and protection from racial discrimination and sexual harassment

Tea workers across two Indian states fight for fair wages, better work conditions

The combination of poverty, disease, low wages, malnourishment, poor living and working conditions and a lack of basic health care and education services has led to the tea workers ending up in a highly abusive and exploitative situation.

US prison strike seeks an end to slave labour, corporate profiteering and rights violations

Organized in the face of a crackdown by authorities, the action seeks to strike at the root of the prison-industrial complex

Transport sector to go a country-wide strike in India today

The workers are protesting against the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2017 that seeks to hand over the core road transport sector to corporates

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