T Cells
Long Covid Long Covid: Studies find abnormalities in blood samples of patients

The new research suggests that long Covid patients were also fighting an immune battle against some pathogens. The researchers found that the reactivation of viruses, including Epstein Barr virus and some herpes viruses, occurred in such people.

Pollution and cancer Researchers study link between air pollutants and cancer

Experts believe that findings from a new study may lead to new approaches for treating the initial lung changes that eventually progress to cancer

COVID-19 research New scientific tool is 83% ‘accurate’ in predicting survival of COVID-19 patients

A computational tool developed by Yale University scientists can analyze huge amounts of cellular data with more precision

COVID-19: Study suggests immunity against SARS-CoV-2 could last for six months

The study analyzed the immune memory against the virus in 185 patients who had recovered from COVID-19. These included patients who were asymptomatic and those who exhibited severe clinical symptoms

More evidence emerges of T Cell Immunity against novel Coronavirus in unexposed people

Candidate vaccines which have shown promising results have all reported trying to elicit a T cell immune response along with antibody production