Taxi drivers’ strike
Bulgarian taxi drivers seek higher fares, closure of apps

Taxi drivers had staged protests for two days across Bulgaria in late November as well demanding fare wages.

Taxi drivers across the world protest against Uber’s unfair practices

Uber and multinational cab aggregators have been accused of engaging in unfair practices for profit making.

Uber strike USA Uber drivers stage strike in Los Angeles over cuts in pay rates

The 25% per-mile cuts will lead to a loss of 20 cents per mile. The drivers picketed the office of Uber and demanded the withdrawal of the decision and sought a pay hike

Uber and Cabify withdraw from Barcelona after govt. imposes new regulations

The new rules introduced by the Catalan government require customers to book ride-hailing services 15 minutes to an hour in advance. The taxi drivers’s strike in Madrid continues

Uber, Ola drivers go on strike in India demanding better incentives, safety measures

In the last one year, Ola and Uber ride costs went up nationally by 10-15%. However, the incentives for drivers went down by 30% during the same time.