US labor unions march for Palestine

The labor movement’s support for a ceasefire has been growing in recent weeks with major unions such as the UAW supporting the global movement for Palestine

Unions in the US are breaking their silence on Palestine

Last week, the UAW became the largest union in the United States to call for a ceasefire, joining with other progressive unions

Autoworkers brought car manufacturers to their knees and won big

UAW workers end their “Stand Up Strike” after reaching historic agreements with three largest automobile manufacturers in the US

John Deere workers approve contract, ending 5-week strike

Workers at the farm and construction equipment manufacturer have won major concessions

Over 10,000 workers at John Deere down tools

Workers at the John Deere plants have claimed that while the company reached record profits, it has insists on cutting workers benefits and wage hikes

10,000 John Deere workers begin largest US private sector strike in years

While the company has earned record profits, workers say their pay and benefits are being undercut

US workers strike In US, over 10,000 workers in John Deere warn of a strike

A strike deadline was announced by the United Auto Workers unions at various John Deere plants after workers overwhelmingly voted against the company’s tentative contract