US Senate passes massive Ukraine-Israel aid bill

The foreign aid bill is set to go to the House of Representatives, where it is unlikely to pass

US Senate is one step closer to sending billions to Israel

Senators are attempting to push through a USD 95 billion foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan by Wednesday

Israel’s war on Palestine and the global upsurge against it

Never before in the 75 previous years has there been such sustained attention to the cause of the Palestinians and of Israeli brutality

Only Israel, the United States, and Ukraine refuse to stand with Cuba

187 nations voted for a resolution to end the cruel and illegal 60 plus year US blockade against Cuba

Biden seeks USD 105 billion in funding for Israel and Ukraine

US President requests USD 61.4 billion for Ukraine and USD 14.3 billion for Israel days after touching down in the state

Russia intercepts British jets Russia claims its air force intercepted three UK planes that were approaching its borders

Two Russian Su-27 jets intercepted two British fighter jets and a spy plane approaching the Russian border from across the Black Sea and forced them to turn away, Russia claimed. The rise in direct air skirmishes involving NATO air forces near Russian borders has raised fears of direct confrontation and the escalation of the war in Ukraine

Putin meets African delegation During meeting with African delegates, Putin claims Ukraine withdrew from draft peace agreement last year under Western pressure

The African delegation led by South African President Cyril Ramaposha visited both Ukraine and Russia and met with the leaders to presented a 10-point peace proposal and offered mediation to end the war 

US spying on UN UN expresses concerns over reports of US spying on its top officials, interfering in work

The classified documents leaked from the US Department of Defense recently have yet again exposed how it spies on even its close allies and violates their sovereignty to pursue its own interests 

El Sur Global rechaza la presión para ponerse del lado de Occidente frente a Rusia

Europa y Estados Unidos ignoran los llamados de África, América Latina y Asia para encontrar una solución que ponga fin a la guerra en Ucrania y, como dijo el primer ministro de Namibia, redirigir los fondos gastados en armamento hacia la resolución de problemas globales.

Anti-war groups stage protest against Munich Security Conference

The conference has been widely criticized for not supporting a negotiated settlement to end the war in Ukraine and instead encourages further military escalation

Russia-Ukraine grain deal Russia-Ukraine grain deal extended by four months

The deal was set to expire on November 19. Turkey and the UN mediated the grain deal in July following global concern regarding the worsening food crisis, particularly in countries of Asia and Africa

Ukraine used Polish incident to instigate direct war with NATO, claims Russia   

Despite being contradicted by the US and NATO, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky repeated his claim that the missile which killed two farmers in Poland – a NATO member – was fired by Russia