US aid to Israel
New Yorkers demand their city council call for a ceasefire

NYC Palestine solidarity organizations are holding a 24-hour vigil outside of City Hall to apply pressure to City Council to call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza

Constituents mount pressure against US Senator Chuck Schumer, chief ally to Israel

Pro-Palestine activists continue to hound Schumer across New York City, labelling him as one of the highest-ranking supporters of Israeli genocide

Pressure rises for Biden to drop military aid to Israel

After over two months of genocide, support for the US’s usual policy of unconditional aid to the Zionist state is dwindling

78 Palestine solidarity activists face charges for civil disobedience in San Francisco

Protesters face multiple charges for shutting down the Bay Bridge on November 16 to protest the genocide in Gaza

Is Israel losing its biggest ally?

Following mass public pressure by the people of the United States, Biden expresses major disagreements with Netanyahu’s policy

As the US vetoes UNSC ceasefire resolution, the people take the streets for Palestine

Crowds of thousands take to the streets across the country, disrupting centers of power, responding to a call to “Shut It Down for Palestine”

Senate Republicans block $111 billion aid package for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan

The Democratic Party’s latest effort to fund proxy conflicts is thwarted by conservatives, who argued that there was not enough funding allocated to the US-Mexico border

Examining the US-Israel patron-client relationship ahead of Biden’s Middle East visit

The US has been Israel’s biggest financial sponsor for decades, enabling human rights violations. Biden’s upcoming trip to the region is expected to further affirm this relationship.

“Insulting to Shireen’s memory”: Palestinians respond to US probe into Shireen Abu Akleh’s killing

The US report on the killing of the Palestinian-American journalist appears to dilute the clear responsibility of Israeli forces

US aid to Israel Make aid to Israel conditional on protecting Palestinian human rights, say Sanders, Warren

Successive US governments, irrespective of the ruling party, have been providing billions of dollars in aid to Israel each year. Israel has been accused of using the money to sustain its occupation of Palestine

US COVID relief package: Too little, too late

After much wrangling, the US Congress managed to pass the a COVID-19 relief package. However, it offers only a pittance at a time when large sections of the population are facing an unprecedented economic crisis

US Congress comes up with new COVID relief plan, but leaves much to be desired

The relief package will be the second-largest of its kind since the passing of the CARES Act in March, but is too little and too late for millions who have been pushed closer to poverty and instability by the pandemic