US Military
Activists protest militarization of 4th of July by Trump

The heavy police presence and lavish parade on US Independence Day attracted strong reactions from activists and progressives

Iran sanctions by US Could Iran sanctions lead to the end of US dominance?

Newsclick editor-in-chief Prabir Purkayastha talks about how the US attempts to crack down on Iran could lead to the development of alternatives to the dollar-based economy.

Okinawa protest Japan against US base Resistance to US military bases expansion on the Japanese island of Okinawa continues

The base, hosting about 3,000 US marines, was established after the US defeated the Japanese army in the Battle of Okinawa in 1945

Unions, activists oppose entry of US troops into Uruguay for G20 summit

The bill permitting the entry of troops to ‘protect’ US president Donal Trump was passed in the Uruguayan Senate on November 13. Unions and civil society groups said that the move would compromise national sovereignty

Russia responds to largest ever NATO military drill off Norwegian border

Russia has launched its own military exercises in response to the NATO exercises which involve over 50,000 troops and have been met with protests across Europe

US warship forced to leave South China Sea following strong Chinese response

The Chinese sent a warship, which approached the US vessel, forcing it to leave the waters. The US has escalated military exercises in the region over the past few weeks

Defense deal with India marks another key moment for US expansionism

The two countries signed the Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement on September 6 following high-level talks

North Korean alleges secret US drills amid peace process

The alleged exercises, along with the cancellation of Mike Pompeo’s visit to South Korea, have placed further obstacles to the peace process

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