US South
White residents of Baton Rouge, Louisiana to form separate city in move termed “neo-segregationist”

A group of wealthy white residents of the Black-majority Louisiana city of Baton Rouge have been permitted to split from the city by the state’s Supreme Court

Florida to ban abortion after six weeks

Florida’s move to ban abortions before most women know they are pregnant, marks the latest in attacks against reproductive rights in the US

UAW is on the cutting edge of unionizing the US South

After winning a historic union drive in Tennessee, the United Auto Workers have their sights set on conquering the anti-labor machine in the South

A mass grave of hundreds of poor and oppressed people found in Mississippi

The extent of the mass grave became widely known after a Black man was run over by a police vehicle and buried in an unmarked grave, unbeknownst to his family

61 “Stop Cop City” activists hit with racketeering charges

Atlanta organizers allege that this is the latest installment in the ongoing state repression against the movement to stop “Cop City” from being built

Dilemmas of Humanity conference in the US outlines principle task: organize a working class movement to defeat the empire

Socialists, organizers, and working class leaders in the United States describe the challenges the movement faces, and what is to be done to overcome them

Organizers to converge in Atlanta, Georgia to discuss “What will a new society run by workers look like?”

Despite human rights violations, precarious conditions, wage stagnation, and more, the people of the US continue to dream of a better future

Overworked and understaffed Dollar General workers rally against cost-cuts on safety

Workers in the US rural variety store giant Dollar General protest the company’s cost-cutting policies which has dubbed it a “Severe Violator” of worker safety

“Plantation politics” to blame for Jackson, Mississippi water crisis

Jackson, Mississippi’s water system has had chronic issues for years now. A racist statewide government is largely to blame

87% of service workers in the US South were injured on the job last year

Southern service workers allege that South Carolina’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration discriminates against Black workers

Protesters charged with terrorism in Atlanta

At least 23 people, including a legal observer, have been charged with domestic terrorism as protests against massive police training facility continue

Six workers in the South are standing up to a billion-dollar hotel chain

Hotel workers went on strike to demand safe working conditions, an end to racist verbal abuse, and the reinstatement of two Black women workers