US State Department
Las provocaciones del Departamento de Estado estadounidense pueden coartar la libertad de prensa en América Latina

El 3 de mayo de 2023, el Comité de Relaciones Exteriores de Estados Unidos celebró una audiencia sobre “Las guerras globales de información: ¿Estados Unidos está ganando o perdiendo?”

Provocations by the US State Department can chill press freedom in Latin America

On May 3, 2023, the US Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing on “The Global Information Wars: Is the US Winning or Losing?”

The everyday violence of life in occupied Palestine

Since the Nakba, institutional violence by Israel against Palestinians has worked alongside paramilitary and military violence to advance the Zionist fantasy of a “Jewish state” across all of Historic Palestine

How America took out the Nord Stream Pipeline

The New York Times called it a “mystery,” but the United States executed a covert sea operation that was kept secret—until now

Even the opposition believes Venezuela’s election was legitimate

Vijay Prashad spoke to leaders of five major opposition parties in Venezuela that participated in the elections on December 6 and rejected the boycott of the process promoted by US-backed Juan Guaidó.

Bolton weaves a tall tale in his Venezuela chapter

Leonardo Flores discusses what John Bolton’s book reveals about the policy of the Trump Administration on Venezuela

Outsourcing ‘regime change’: US imperialism’s decomposition accelerates

On May 3rd a bunch of mercenaries, led by Rambo-like US soldiers of fortune attempted to disembark on the coastal town of Macuto in the La Guaira state in Venezuela’s Caribbean coast, in a so-called Operation Gedeon.