Russia rejects the Swiss peace summit as a “fraud”

Though around 90 countries will be participating in the summit, countries such as China have maintained that the gathering is meaningless without the Russian participation

Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza not acceptable, says UN Chief

Participants in the UN Security Council highlighted need for a ceasefire in Gaza and a long term solution to the Palestinian question as necessary for peace

Israel is playing a dangerous game in Lebanon

Israel has repeatedly bombed Lebanon, killing civilians and Hezbollah fighters alike. Hezbollah has retaliated with complete restraint thus far in order to avoid a full scale war

Israeli bombing in Gaza Israeli forces move into Gaza with tanks and heavy artillery for next phase of its genocidal violence

Israel has completely ignored the UN General Assembly resolution, passed with and overwhelming majority on Friday, demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

Israel escalates war on Gaza, launching brief ground offensive

US continues to block all efforts to achieve a humanitarian ceasefire in the Security Council despite reports of lack of basic amenities inside occupied Palestine

Israel-Gaza war Gaza’s power plant shut down. Over 1,055 reported dead from Israeli airstrikes

Palestinians rejected US President Joe Biden’s open support to Israel and called it an attempt to overshadow the “criminality and terrorism of the Zionist government”

Israel-Gaza war Israel continues to bomb Gazans after completely cutting their food and fuel supply

Several rights bodies have claimed that Israeli actions inside Gaza constitute war crimes. Meanwhile, the US stated that it has started supplying arms and ammunition to Israel a day after deploying its warship in the Mediterranean 

Israeli bombings in Gaza Israel to impose total blockade of Gaza as air strikes continue

Palestinian ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour questioned the stance taken by some countries and media houses regarding Israel’s so-called “right to defend,” saying that it was a wrong understanding of history which only starts when Israelis are hurt

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict More than 60,000 ethnic Armenians leave as Nagorno Karabakh ‘republic’ officially dissolves itself

While the exodus of ethnic Armenians and the dissolution of the self-declared republic may lead to the final settlement of the decades-old conflict in the South Caucasus region, it may also be the beginning of a long geopolitical battle between Russia and the West

Venezuela Guyana Essequibo dispute Venezuela urges diplomatic resolution to Essequibo dispute with Guyana, condemns US attempts to militarize region

President Nicolàs Maduro has urged his Guyanese counterpart Irfaan Ali to resume direct dialogue over a long-standing territorial dispute over Essequibo. Venezuela has also accused the US of trying to militarize the resource-rich region, where ExxonMobil has been conducting oil drilling projects for years

Syria-China ties Syrian president visits China, seeks to increase economic cooperation 

Syria is seeking Chinese support for the economic revival and reconstruction of the country, devastated by more than a decade of war and continuing US and Turkish occupation  

G20 summit India 18th G20 summit set to begin in New Delhi as faultlines among members widen

The West’s disregard of concerns from the Global South on reforms of international financial institutions and climate change, as well as attempts to use the forum for geopolitical gains, has made consensus elusive