Wrestling Federation of India (WFI)
Women wrestlers’ protest in India: The latest crackdown on democracy

On May 28, India’s new parliament building was inaugurated. On the same day, the country’s wrestlers, who have been on a sit-in protest seeking the arrest of their federation head on charges of sexual harassment, were brutally repressed and evicted from their protest site

Exigir justicia de género a un gobierno impregnado de patriarcado: la historia de las mejores luchadoras de la India

En un significativo acto de resistencia, las mejores luchadoras de la India han roto el silencio sobre las conductas sexuales inapropiadas contra las deportistas indias y la cultura de impunidad en el deporte indio.

Wrestlers protest India Demanding gender justice from a government steeped in patriarchy: the story of India’s top women wrestlers

In a significant act of resistance, India’s top women wrestlers have broken the silence on sexual misconduct faced by Indian sportswomen and the culture of impunity in Indian sports