Yoav Gallant
Hamas accepts UNSC ceasefire resolution, leaving the ball in Israel’s court

The US fails to backup claims that Israeli leaders support latest UNSC ceasefire resolution, introduced by the US

After over six months of genocide, Israel must come to terms with its defeat

A leader in the Palestinian Youth Movement spoke to Brian Becker of BreakThrough News on how Israel’s war on Gaza can finally end

Hezbollah retaliates after fresh Israeli strikes kill three civilians in Lebanon

Close to 300 people have been killed in Lebanon due to Israeli strikes since October 7. The latest round of attacks on Tuesday killed three civilians and were followed by a barrage of missile attacks by Hezbollah

Hezbollah launches more attacks in retaliation to Israeli strikes

Over 200 Lebanese have been killed in repeated Israeli air and artillery strikes in the southern and eastern parts of the country since October 8. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has said attacks will continue even if a truce is reached in Gaza

Israel escalates attacks on southern Lebanon, Hezbollah strikes back

Hezbollah has stated it will continue to support Palestinians in Gaza despite Israel intensifying attacks inside Lebanon and threatening large-scale destruction of life and property

Israel escalates aggression against southern Lebanon

Over 260 people have been killed by Israeli strikes inside Lebanon since October 8. Hezbollah retaliations have forced hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers to vacate from northern Israel

Israel’s war on Palestine and the global upsurge against it

Never before in the 75 previous years has there been such sustained attention to the cause of the Palestinians and of Israeli brutality

Blinken’s window dressing tour of Arab capitals

Biden’s interest narrows down to prevent the war from spreading in the region lest direct American military intervention becomes necessary. The US rhetoric and diplomatic posturing largely aims at damage control in Washington’s relations with its erstwhile allies in the region.

Unions in the US are breaking their silence on Palestine

Last week, the UAW became the largest union in the United States to call for a ceasefire, joining with other progressive unions

The suffocating occupation of Palestine is now a series of war crimes

Israel has grossly violated international humanitarian law in the last 3 weeks of incessant bombing of Gaza, all with the political and financial backing of the US

The everyday violence of life in occupied Palestine

Since the Nakba, institutional violence by Israel against Palestinians has worked alongside paramilitary and military violence to advance the Zionist fantasy of a “Jewish state” across all of Historic Palestine

El salvajismo de la guerra contra el pueblo palestino

La violencia brutal y puntual de Israel contra el pueblo palestino en Gaza durante la última década viola todas las convenciones internacionales sobre guerra y derechos humanos.