Israel launches fresh attacks on Gaza

Israel has been launching tank and air force attacks on Gaza since last week. They have also shut down a goods crossing point and stopped fuel shipments

August 18, 2020 by Peoples Dispatch
Israeli strike on Gaza

Israeli tanks attacked several military and civilian targets inside the Gaza strip on Monday, August 17. The attacks were in continuation of Israeli forces’ air strikes on Sunday. They also fired at fishing ships near the Gaza coast.

A woman and a three-year-old child were wounded in Gaza in one such Israeli attack on Friday.

Israeli forces claimed that the attacks were in response to escalation near its “security fence” on Saturday. It also claimed that Hamas released some “incendiary balloons” threatening Israeli security.

Israel has closed the Karem Abu Salem goods crossing point and shut down its coastal fishing zones on Sunday. On Thursday, it stopped fuel shipments inside the occupied territory.

Thousands of residents of Gaza have been protesting the occupation near its borders with Israel for several days. Israel refers to these protesters as “rioters” and targets these attackers.

These attacks are in violation of last year’s truce agreement backed by the UN, Egypt and Qatar. Israel often carries out air and land attacks on the residents citing flimsy excuses.

Gaza has been under Israeli land and sea blockade since 2007. All entries and exits from the land are restricted and under Israeli control. The two million people inside Gaza strip live in what is commonly referred to as the “world’s largest open-air prison.” According to the World Bank, more than half of the population of Gaza strip is forced to live in poverty due to the Israeli blockades.

Israeli attacks on Gaza are tantamount to collective punishment of the occupied people which is a war crime according to the international laws.

Meanwhile, the protests against Benjamin Netanyahu, facing corruption charges and allegations of mishandling of the COVID-19 situation continued on Saturday, August 15, for the eighth consecutive week when thousands of Israelis gathered in different venues to demand his resignation. Even the announcement of a “peace deal” with the UAE on Thursday did not have much impact on the protests.