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The permanent assault of the US government has not been able to defeat the moral of a conscious people, in the face of this new attack, the communities organize to guarantee the supplies and peace.

Maduro Press Conference

US National Security Advisor Bolton traveled to Brazil last week and “he assigned missions for military provocations in the South of Venezuela, in the border with Brazil”

The move comes just a month after she had been found unconscious and was shifted to a hospital. The leader of the Tupuc Amaru organization has been a fierce opponent of the national and provincial governments

At the third edition of the seminar, Latin America in Dispute, participants highlighted the need for strengthening democracy and fighting re-colonization

Many of those who participated in the march have faced the onslaught led by large landowners against the Venezuelan peasantry, which has worsened in the last two years

The ‘Admirable Peasants’ March’ is scheduled to arrive at Caracas on July 25, where they seek to hand over a document to President Nicolás Maduro

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