ALBA Movimientos
In Haiti tens of thousands protestors denounced the government of President Moïse for the embezzlement of Petrocaribe funds

In continuation of the strong people’s mobilization in response to the attempt to increase the price of fuels in the month of July and with the slogan of “Where is Petrocaribe money?”, various people’s sectors of Haitian society once again took to the streets on the national day of struggle, October 17.

Argentine social leaders freed due to people’s mobilization

Several leaders from Argentine’s informal workers’ organizations were detained while protesting the detentions of Senegalese street vendors

Hondurans continue their struggle against the dictatorship

The Convergence Against Continuism proposed to hold a “people’s plebiscite” for Hondurans

Fuel price rise in Haiti has its roots in IMF deal

The hike in prices which was withdrawn after massive protests is part of the agenda dictated by international finance institutions