Unite the union
The red union will never fold!

Mbali Ngwenda of the Pan Africanism Today Secretariat writes about the struggles of United Textile Employees (UNITE), the radical textile workers’ union of Lesotho

The near total strike in Lesotho’s garment sector enters fourth week

Protesting against the government’s failure to review the minimum wage for two consecutive years, 38,000 of roughly 40,000 workers in Lesotho’s garment industry have downed tools since May 14

Diaspora organization seeks action after hunger death of Lesotho national in South Africa

Thabiso Mokhele died allegedly of hunger on Wednesday. The Lesotho High Commission is accused of failing to respond despite repeated calls for help. A diaspora organization called for the removal of its officers

Lesotho garment workers
Workers in Lesotho’s ‘garments’ sector threaten strike

The workers in two of the Nien Hsing’s six factories demand the creation of a separate fabric and paper mill sector, the activities of which are wrongly classified under garment sector, which has the lowest pay.