Israel carries out several attacks inside Lebanon and Syria killing civilians

An Israeli attack on an emergency response center in Lebanon killed seven people. Another set of strikes on Syria killed several soldiers and an Iranian military adviser

Hezbollah chief holds US responsible for genocide of Palestinians

Nasrallah called the demand for a permanent ceasefire along with complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza a collective demand of the Axis of Resistance

Hezbollah retaliates after fresh Israeli strikes kill three civilians in Lebanon

Close to 300 people have been killed in Lebanon due to Israeli strikes since October 7. The latest round of attacks on Tuesday killed three civilians and were followed by a barrage of missile attacks by Hezbollah

Hezbollah launches more attacks in retaliation to Israeli strikes

Over 200 Lebanese have been killed in repeated Israeli air and artillery strikes in the southern and eastern parts of the country since October 8. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has said attacks will continue even if a truce is reached in Gaza

Israel escalates attacks on southern Lebanon, Hezbollah strikes back

Hezbollah has stated it will continue to support Palestinians in Gaza despite Israel intensifying attacks inside Lebanon and threatening large-scale destruction of life and property

Israel escalates aggression against southern Lebanon

Over 260 people have been killed by Israeli strikes inside Lebanon since October 8. Hezbollah retaliations have forced hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers to vacate from northern Israel

Yemeni forces attack US ship trying to cross Red Sea, Hezbollah retaliates Israeli strikes

The regional resistance to Israeli war in Gaza and US support to it has continued despite US attacks in various countries in the region including Yemen, Iraq and Syria

Israel is playing a dangerous game in Lebanon

Israel has repeatedly bombed Lebanon, killing civilians and Hezbollah fighters alike. Hezbollah has retaliated with complete restraint thus far in order to avoid a full scale war

Hezbollah warns Israel of retaliation, calls out international community for inaction

Tensions continue to rise between Israel and Hezbollah following the Israeli strike on Tuesday in Beirut which killed senior Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri

Senior Hamas leader killed in unprecedented Israeli drone attack in Beirut

The last time the Israeli Air Force carried out a bombing in Beirut was in 2006, many fear the attack will escalate regional involvement in Israel’s war on Gaza

US, Israel to open second front in Lebanon?

The Biden administration is preparing for an escalation of the war into Lebanon to draw out Hezbollah, which may in turn trigger an Iranian reaction

UNIFIL mandate renewed, bypassing Lebanese concerns 

The US insisted on a provision in the UNIFIL mandate which allows it to conduct unannounced patrols, despite the Lebanese government calling it a violation of country’s sovereignty