Hezbollah chief holds US responsible for genocide of Palestinians

Nasrallah called the demand for a permanent ceasefire along with complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza a collective demand of the Axis of Resistance

March 14, 2024 by Peoples Dispatch
Photo: Al Manar TV

On Wednesday, March 13, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah questioned Joe Biden administration’s motives in Palestine holding it responsible for the prolongation of the Israeli war in Gaza in which over 31,000 Palestinians have been killed and close to 73,000 others have been injured since October 7. 

Nasrallah said that no one believes the US President Joe Biden really wishes to end the Israeli war in Gaza. If Biden really wanted he could stop the war in Gaza “with a stroke of a pen” he said. He underlined that the US has the primary responsibility to force Israel to end the war.

After vetoing ceasefire resolutions in the UN Security Council multiple times, the Joe Biden administration claimed recently that they are working for a temporary ceasefire in Gaza. However, the Biden administration’s claim has been questioned by activists as it continues to supply arms to Israeli forces and fails to put any pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Nasrallah also termed the US announcement of opening a temporary port in Gaza to supply more aid as a ploy to distract attention from its own failures to end the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

Nasrallah expressed his movement’s support to Hamas’ demand for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza along with complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from the territory. “We affirm our support for the Palestinian resistance factions, especially the leadership of Hamas, which negotiates on behalf of everyone,” Nasrallah said. 

Israel has rejected Hamas’ proposal of releasing all hostages in return for its demands which led to the failure of ceasefire talks earlier this month.

Nasrallah praised the steadfastness of people in Gaza who are facing the genocidal war for over five months now. He claimed that Israel has completely failed to achieve any of its war goals and its army is totally exhausted. He also asserted that Netanyahu’s insistence on invading Rafah would be an act of desperation and it will not offer him “an image of victory.”

Despite the fact that Rafah was earlier declared a safe zone, Israel has now declared its plans to carry out a ground offensive to the densely inhabited region. Around 1.5 million of all displaced Palestinians in Gaza have taken shelter from Israeli bombardment and ground offensive in the southern city. The ground offensive in Rafah is considered a potential humanitarian disaster by most of the UN agencies and a large number of countries have warned Israel to not to go ahead with it. 

Nasrallah praised the Iraqi resistance movement and Ansar Allah in Yemen for their steadfast resistance to the imperialist interventions made by the US on Israel’s behalf and against Israeli war. He reiterated that Hezbollah and other Axis of Resistance forces will continue their campaign against Israelis until the war ends. 

Hezbollah has been carrying out attacks inside northern Gaza since October 8 as a declared move in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. Its attacks have forced thousands of settlers to leave their settlements in northern Israel. It has also caused massive damages to Israel’s military installations. Israel has been carrying out attacks inside Lebanon since then which has killed over 260 people so far and destroyed substantial civilian infrastructure. 

Ansar Allah has targeted Israel-bound ships in the Red Sea since November and Iraqi resistance forces have attacked US bases in the region and Israeli economic installations in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

Nasrallah also saluted the people who are organizing popular protests in the US to demand a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. He expressed the hope that the continued popular pressure may open the doors for the end of war in the region.