United Arab Emirates
Putin visits UAE and Saudi Arabia to build closer cooperation

In an attempt to strengthen bilateral relations in West Asia, Russian president Vladimir Putin visited Saudi Arabia and the UAE on December 6.

UAE political prisoners UAE 94 case (2)
Rights groups call on UAE government to release unjustly held prisoners ahead of COP28

According to a letter by over 20 rights groups, 58 detainees are being held by the UAE authorities despite their prison sentences being over, in some cases for years, in clear violation of international law 

UAE unjustified detention
Activists and families of 51 people detained in the UAE call for their release

The 51 are part of a larger group of people who were convicted of conspiring to overthrow the government in what is known as the UAE94 case. In 2011, they had signed a petition calling on the government to introduce democratic and political reforms in the country

US arms sale to Saudi and UAE
Biden administration decides to sell more arms to Saudi Arabia and UAE 

The US announced the sale of over USD 5 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE on the same day that the UN announced the extension of the truce in Yemen for two more months

Delivery workers strike UAE
Food delivery workers in Dubai strike for pay hike amidst rising expenses

The strike held on Tuesday was the second such strike by food delivery workers in the UAE, a rare occurrence in the tightly-run Gulf state

UNSC resolution against Houthis Yemen
UNSC extends arms embargo on Houthis, continues to ignore Saudi-led coalition crimes in Yemen

In a strongly worded statement, the UNSC labelled the Houthis as a ‘terrorist’ group despite human rights groups warning against such a move due to its adverse humanitarian and diplomatic consequences for the civilian population in Yemen

US role in Yemen war
US to deploy advanced fighter jets and warships in UAE amid escalation in Yemen war

A year ago, the Joe Biden administration had announced the end of US’ role in the Saudi Arabia and UAE-led war in Yemen which has killed hundreds of thousands and caused the world’s largest humanitarian crisis

Saudi airstrikes in Yemen
Saudi Arabia-led coalition continues airstrikes in civilian areas in Yemen

UAE, a partner in the Saudi coalition waging a war in Yemen, has demanded the US to redesignate the Houthis as a terrorist orgnization 

US-UAE arms deal
UAE suspends discussions on arms deal with US over concerns about relations with China

The arms deal included the sale of 50 F-35 fighter jets, 18 armed reaper drones, air-to-air and air-to-ground munitions and other advanced weaponry by the US to the UAE

South African court orders judicial review of permits for arms export to Saudi Arabia and UAE

The court also ordered the government body responsible for implementing the country’s  National Conventional Arms Control Act to publicly disclose the names of all South African companies that have obtained permits to export weapons to the two Arab countries

Activists and anti-war groups slam US decision to proceed with arms sales to UAE

The Joe Biden administration had earlier suspended its predecessor’s decision, pending review, to sell USD 23 billion worth of arms including 50 advanced F-35 fighter jets and 18 MQ 9-B unmanned Aerial Systems to the UAE

UN human rights expert demands release of rights activists imprisoned in the UAE

According to the UN official, three human rights activists have been subject to conditions inside the UAE prisons amounting to torture