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Brazil’s Landless Rural Workers’ Movement launches over 700 pre-candidates for 2024 elections

The movement’s pre-candidates come from 12 political parties, but most are from the Workers’ Party

Javier Milei celebrated Argentine independence with lavish military parade

Several people have criticized the expensive parade in a country where, according to Milei himself, “there is no money”. In addition, they have seen a certain relationship between the official acts with the past military dictatorship and the armed coup groups.

Colombian paramilitaries alert that Venezuela’s right-wing opposition is plotting to assassinate Maduro

The armed group shared that the Venezuelan far-right opposition had contacted them to participate in a plan proposed that included the assassination of the president and the attack on Venezuela’s electrical infrastructure.

Population of Rio Grande do Sul still faces major obstacles to healthcare access after devastating floods

A health administrator from Rio Grande do Sul analyzes the state’s situation and sees a lack of coordination and the risk of misusing public funds in the upcoming municipal elections

Hurricane Beryl causes vast destruction in the Caribbean

Since its formation on June 28, Beryl has caused severe damage in Grenada, Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Venezuela, Mexico, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Venezuelan presidential campaigns kick off

The leading presidential candidates marched through the capital flanked by supporters and gave speeches about their vision for the future

Out LUMA!: Puerto Ricans demand an end to the privatization of energy

The agreement between LUMA Energy and the government of Puerto Rico has not solved its main objective to solve the island’s serious electricity problems

Ecuadorians call for an end to Noboa’s austerity measures

Trade unions and social organizations will take to the streets nationwide to demand that the government reinstate the fuel subsidy.

The ultra-right is governing Argentina. Who is Javier Milei and what is he doing?

Milei and his far-right neoliberal policies represents a radical shift in a country governed by progressivism during the last twenty years

Maduro announces new round of negotiations with US less than one month before Venezuelan elections

The last meeting between the countries was held in Mexico in April; Venezuela rejected US interference in ‘internal affairs’

Peruvian politician Keiko Fujimori is accused of leading a criminal organization

On Monday, Judge Juana Caballero began the trial against former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, leader of the political party Popular Force.

Mainstream media reignites “Chinese Spy Base” accusations against Cuba

US corporate media giant The Wall Street Journal has once again leveled accusations that Cuba is hosting Chinese spy bases