Colombian paramilitaries alert that Venezuela’s right-wing opposition is plotting to assassinate Maduro

The armed group shared that the Venezuelan far-right opposition had contacted them to participate in a plan proposed that included the assassination of the president and the attack on Venezuela’s electrical infrastructure.

Colombian social movements reject US-Colombia military exercises in Pacific Ocean

In a communiqué, the Peoples’ Congress declared that this military action was an attack on the sovereignty and independence of several Latin American countries

Petro’s government achieves a limited victory on its Labor Reform Bill

The country’s trade union confederations condemned that several key articles were removed from the reform during negotiations in Congress

Petro’s Pension Reform passes in Colombia’s House of Representatives

The approval of the progressive pension reform was celebrated by the Colombian president as an “important social conquest”

Colombia to make HIV treatment more accessible through compulsory licensing

The Colombian government recently issued a compulsory license for HIV drug dolutegravir, making the treatment more accessible for thousands of people

Colombian paramilitaries assassinate community leader Narciso Beleño

The assassination of the renowned leader has shone a light on the presence of paramilitary groups in Colombian territory

The assassination of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán: A reflection on the armed conflict in Colombia

April 9 marks 76 years since the assassination of Gaitán, considered the beginning of the long social and armed conflict that continues to take lives in Colombia today

Argentine diplomats expelled from Colombia following explosive comments by Milei

In an interview with CNN, the Argentine president called Petro a “terrorist assassin”, Mexican President López Obrador “ignorant”, and declared that Israel was not committing “any excesses” in Gaza

Camilo Torres Restrepo: Priest, revolutionary, and guerrilla fighter

February 15 marks the anniversary of the assassination of Colombian revolutionary Camilo Torres by men led by General Alvaro Valencia Tovar

Petro condemns “institutional rupture” and attacks on Colombian democracy by the right-wing

The delay in the election of the Attorney General at the center of the ongoing tensions with the right, was highlighted by the United Nations Human Rights office and IACHR

ELN Commander Pablo Beltrán discusses the road to peace in Colombia

The guerrilla commander spoke about how paramilitarism and US imperialism serve as major obstacles to true peace in Colombia

Colombian government and ELN agree to extend bilateral ceasefire

The sixth cycle of talks was held in Havana, Cuba and further advanced the commitment of the two parts towards lasting peace