What is AMLO’s judicial reform and why is the Mexican right uniting to try and stop it

The reform, which has caused significant resistance from the right, proposes the election by popular vote of all judges, the separation of responsibilities of the Judiciary Council, and the establishment of new rules for judicial proceedings

Expertise, continuity, and political alignment: Mexican president-elect Claudia Sheinbaum shapes her incoming cabinet

Sheinbaum’s appointees are characterized by meritocracy, continuity from the previous administration, and loyalty to her and MORENA party.

Claudia Sheinbaum is the next president of Mexico

The progressive leader is making history as the first woman president in North America and has vowed to follow in the footsteps of her colleague President López Obrador in building an anti-neoliberal economic development model

Here’s what you need to know about the historic elections in Mexico

On June 2, Mexicans head to the polls to elect their next president and local officials that will serve from 2024-2030

Accusations and attacks mark Mexico’s second presidential debate

The debate organized by the National Electoral Institute was held five weeks ahead of Mexico’s presidential elections

Ecuadorian police break into Mexican Embassy, arrest former Ecuadorian VP Jorge Glas

After the Ecuadorian National Police forcibly entered its embassy in Quito, Mexico announced the suspension of diplomatic relations with the country

Argentine diplomats expelled from Colombia following explosive comments by Milei

In an interview with CNN, the Argentine president called Petro a “terrorist assassin”, Mexican President López Obrador “ignorant”, and declared that Israel was not committing “any excesses” in Gaza

Gap between Mexican presidential candidate Sheinbaum and rivals widens

With three weeks of presidential campaign, Sheinbaum’s voting intention grew to 58%, four percent more than in December

Claudia Sheinbaum kicks off presidential campaign in Mexico City

The Zócalo was overflowing with people for the campaign launch of Claudia Sheinbaum who is running to be the next president of Mexico

Coordinated media attacks on Mexican president AMLO?

The Mexican president was the subject of a series of articles which all seemed to have the objective of linking him with illegal drug trafficking groups but without any proof

Mexico and Chile call on International Criminal Court to investigate crimes in Gaza

Mexico and Chile have joined South Africa, Bolivia, Djibouti, Bangladesh, and the Comoros in calling on the ICC to investigate Israel for its crimes in Gaza, including war crimes and genocide.

Government report on Ayotzinapa disappearances links ex-president Enrique Peña Nieto to the crime

The parents of the disappeared students demand that a criminal investigation be opened against the former president and other high-ranking officials who colluded in covering up the crime