1967 six-day war
UN General Assembly adopts fresh resolution demanding Israel’s withdrawal from Golan Heights

Israel occupied the Syrian Golan Heights in the 1967 war and has refused to withdraw despite multiple UN resolutions. 91 countries voted in favor of the latest UNGA resolution while the US and UK voted against it

The occupation of Palestine is at the heart of the imperial project

From the beginning, the international Zionist movement was linked to the global capitalist movement and the imperialist political center of power

Palestinians oppose Israeli flag march Palestinians oppose provocative Israeli ‘flag march’

The march is held annually by illegal Israel settlers and other right-wing and ultra-nationalist Israelis to mark ‘Jerusalem day’, on which the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem started in 1967 following Israel’s victory over neighboring Arab states in the six-day war

Israeli settlement at Atarot delayed Israel delays massive settlement project in occupied East Jerusalem after international pressure

While the 9,000-unit settlement plan in Atarot was put on hold on Monday, another settlement plan inside East Jerusalem to build 473 homes near two Palestinian neighborhoods was announced on the same day 

Israeli right wing march Extremist settlers hold ‘flag march’ chanting racist and abusive slogans against Palestinians

As per reports, thousands of right-wing Israelis marched from the plaza of the Damascus Gate till the Western Wall, raising the Israeli flag and chanting racist slogans like “Death to Arabs”, “May your village burn” and “A second Nakba is coming”

anti-annexation protests Palestine Palestinians across the West Bank protest Israeli annexation plans

Several Palestinians suffered injuries as Israeli security forces attempted to violently suppress the protests using rubber bullets and tear gas canisters