2023 Polish parliamentary elections
Could Poland see a progressive health policy with the new Tusk government?

As Poland prepares for a change in government, it remains unclear how the new coalition will address concerns in the health system

Donald Tusk returns as Polish premier after eight years of PiS rule

The conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party which was in power since 2015 lost its majority in the general elections held on October 15.

Ouster of populist-nationalist government in Poland is highly consequential

The change has significant consequences for Europe as a whole. For a start, the anti-European rhetoric from Warsaw will stop — and along with that, the non-stop tirade against Germany

Poland elections PiS Poland’s Law and Justice party launches hyper-nationalist campaign in hopes to win third term

The conservative government in Poland has courted widespread criticism for subjugating the judiciary and attacking abortion rights. It is also facing growing public discontent over its over-stretched support for the war in Ukraine at the expense of Polish citizens