Israeli air strikes kills dozens in Syria

Syria claims Israeli air strike coincided with another attack by the terrorist groups who control a part of the country in the north

Earthquake Syria and Turkey Syria-Turkey border rocked by earthquake

Syria and Turkey, already struggling with the aftermath of the February 6 earthquake, were hit by another deadly earthquake

Israeli attack in Syria Fresh Israeli attacks in Syria cause material damage in Aleppo and Damascus 

This was the third such instance of Israeli aggression inside Syria this month. Israel has carried out thousands of such strikes inside Syria since 2011, in complete violation of the UN charter

The war in Syria reaches a crucial stage

In this episode of Mapping Faultlines, Newsclick’s Prabir Purkayastha looks at the latest developments in Syria as government forces secure Aleppo and advance in Idlib. He also talks about the larger strategic relevance of these developments for the region.