All India Kisan Sabha
Indians refuse to be complicit in ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

From major apparel makers to tech workers to trade unions and farmers’ movements, people across India have refused to be complicit in the ongoing siege on Gaza, while opposition parties have extended their support to the Palestinian cause

Indian farmers conclude Long March in a victory

They walked demanding the government address the problems being faced by the farmers and workers of the state of the Maharashtra. A key demand was remunerative prices for onion crops

Indian farmers long march Indian farmers’ Long March triumphs as State government accepts demands

Thousands of farmers took part in a long march in the Indian State of Maharashtra forcing the government to accept their demands, including an increase in subsidies and loan waivers. The march was led by the left-wing All India Kisan Sabha

Daily Round-Up | Indian farmers’ protest concludes with victory and other stories

In this episode, we bring you stories of a victorious farmers’ march in India, a protest over energy sovereignty in Mexico, and journalists condemning repression in Bangladesh

2022: India’s workers and peasants fight back – and fight on

With economic conditions continuing to decline for India’s laboring sections, 2023 is set to see more struggles and strikes both at a local and a national level

Daily Round-up | Largest farmers’ organization in India holds conference and other stories

In this episode, we look at the conference of India’s largest peasant’s organization, threats by the Swazi government to a union leader, and protests in Greece over the police killing of a Roma youth

As lumpy skin disease virus affects cattle, Indian farmers demand action

India’s tryst with the cattle-killer disease so far has been similar to earlier experiences of outbreaks in the Middle East and Africa. This should worry authorities at home

Red Books Day celebrated around the world as people cry, “Workers of the world unite!”

February 21 marks the 174th anniversary of the publication of the Communist Manifesto, one of the most widely read books in human history

Looking back at the first all-India general strike of 1982

Every year, trade unions commemorate the all-India strike of 1982 which was also supported by farmers’ movements. This year’s events will be especially significant as they seek to cement worker-farmer unity ahead of a major strike in February

After year long struggle and historic victory, Indian farmers head home

These protest sites had become a home for these farmers. Now, they are returning home joyous, yet vowing to continue the fight and keep their union strong

Indian farmers protest Indian farmers defend the rights of farmers everywhere

Since prime minister Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, he has pushed an agenda to deliver Indian agriculture to the large corporate houses. But the farmers fought him then and continue to fight him now

‘Farmers’ victory will be a boost to all democratic struggles’

On 19 November 2021, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi announced that the government will be repealing the three controversial farm laws. Farmers have been protesting for close to a year against these laws